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Painting your house can raise its value and make you happier with your living space. Your local painting contractor is ready to update your home with top-notch painting services. We can paint rooms inside your house and touch up your exterior surfaces.

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What makes Shawmut Exteriors the right choice for you?

With over a decade of experience in roofing and home improvement, we know how to tackle all kinds of services. We can install new siding, paint your entire home and top everything off with a new roof. We offer residential and commercial services. We also offer financing with zero down.

Protect Your Home From the Elements

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Don't wait for minor roof or siding damage to get worse. If there's a crack in your home's armor, you should reach out to Shawmut Exteriors. A roofing contractor can handle any repairs or replacements you need. We're determined to carry out the roof repairs you require.

In addition to our roof repair services, we also offer:

Vinyl siding installations

Engineered wood and stone siding services

Siding repairs

Gutter installations

Interior painting services

Exterior painting services

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