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Don't Let Rainwater Pool Around Your Foundation

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Your gutters serve an important purpose in diverting water away from your landscape and foundation. If you need new gutters, Shawmut Exteriors can help. We have plenty of experience performing gutter installations. We can hook up your new gutters right away so you're prepared for the next storm.

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Prevent leaves and twigs from clogging your gutters

Debris can get into your gutters and cause blockages. With our gutter guard installations, you won't have to worry about anything but water going into your gutters. Gutter guards can keep your gutter system in great shape for a long time.

We install different styles of gutter guards. You can get:

Screen gutter guards
Surface tension gutter guards
Fine mesh gutter guards

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A functioning gutter system will protect your home from water damage, which can be catastrophic. Without them, roof runoff during a heavy rain, especially if it happens during melting snow, can dump hundreds of gallons of water right next to the house foundation. This could lead to premature crumbling or cracking. You do not want that to happen!

A home gutter system basically consists of:

1. The actual lateral gutters, usually either five or six inches in width,
2. Fasteners (very important they are fastened correctly and securely)
3. Outlets
4. Downspouts, and
5. Any ground-level water diffusers where needed.

Most modern gutters are made from aluminum, but other materials include copper, galvanized steel, and even plastic. Copper gutters have soldered seams, and are the most expensive. The most common gutter shape is called "K-style." K-style gutters are flat on the bottom and back, and have an ogee profile in the front, similar to crown molding. Most times they are 5 inches wide, but 6-inch widths for large roofs are also available. Downspouts come in the same variety of materials as gutters. The aluminum downspouts typically used with aluminum gutters are rectangular in section.

You need water flow directed away from your home for three main reasons:

1. Prevent damage to poured concrete foundations,
2. Prevent damage to your home's siding, and
3. Prevent ice-damn build-up during the winter months

Most gutters are of two main types, aluminum or stainless steel seamless. The seamless gutters have the obvious advantage of having no seams, and no chance of splitting apart at joints, but they are obviously more expensive.

No matter what gutter material or style is used on a house, it's important not to take this protective system for granted. Gutters are necessary for the defense of your roof, siding and landscaping. Without them, you could spend thousands on repairs every season from moisture damage.


Cleaning out gutters is a miserable, messy stinky job. Gutter guards are coverings that will go over your gutters to stop leave build-up, and resultant gutter clogs. Gutter guards have been on the market for decades. Obviously, there is strong interest in gutter guards here in Massachusetts - the only downside to our glorious autumns. The main benefit of a gutter guard system is the obvious one of keeping falling leaves and pine needles out of your gutters during the fall. As a result, you the homeowner should be spared the at least annual job of cleaning out your gutters, which will entail ladders, garden hoses, scoops, and sometimes dangerous positions while on your ladder.



Screens are the most common type of gutter guard. They come in a wide variety of shapes and materials. Screens work well in situations where leaves are the main problem. However, the openings in screens are large enough to let in seeds and pine needles, and cleaning them out may require removing the screens. Second, screens themselves can become plugged, and cleaning screens can be tricky because some of debris gets entangled and isn't easily brushed off. So if you currently find lots of seeds or needles in your gutters, screens may help, but don't expect them to eliminate gutter chores.


With surface tension gutters, water clings to the rounded nose of the guard and flows into the gutter, while leaves and other debris fall over the edge. Surface tension guards work well with leaves and other large debris. Small debris sometimes gets in but usually washes out in the downspouts without a problem. This type of gutter guard works only if the guard is installed at an angle that's similar to the slope of the roof. This might be difficult on long gutter runs because the gutters have to be pitched so the water flows to the downspouts.


Fine mesh gutter guards function like screens, but they block all but the smallest debris. The tiny spaces in the mesh won't clog with seeds or needles, but they can fill with small particles like shingle grit. Fine mesh gutter guards h need an occasional cleaning, but unlike screens, fine mesh is easy to blow or brush clean. Fine mesh products made with window-type screen material are easily damaged by ice and branches. The good ones will be made from tough surgical stainless steel.